Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Paralympics

I am an absolute sucker for the Olympics … both Summer and Winter varieties. I say “sucker” because I actually sort of object to the Olympics and the Olympics mythos in every way you can imagine. It’s a terrible waste of money, often for countries and cities that can ill afford it. They almost never “pay off” the way they promise. There are too many subjective, arty sports for my taste. They foster jingoism as much as international peace. Olympic broadcasting is syrupy and awkward. There’s always one complete and utter a-hole athlete that the TV networks insist is will be the star of the games.

Yet, I can’t not watch them. Mind you, I don’t spend much time actually glued to the games. Most of the time I’m doing something else when they’re on. But they are on in my place pretty much all the time during the games.

Of course, I’m especially interested in the Winter Paralympics, held about a month after the Olympics, also in Soch, Russiai this year, March 7-16. Even though the Winter Paralympics are still a month away, I thought I’d look up a few good websites to visit and use as references once they start:

NBC says it will broadcast a total of 50 hours of Paralympics events across it’s various networks. Note that most likely, the bulk of those hours will be on its “lesser” networks like NBC Sports Network, CNBC, and the like. Right now the schedule page only shows the currently-running Olympic Games, but I’m hoping that when we get to March, the same chart will show the Paralympic broadcasts.

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