Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Girls" Addendum

(This is a followup of a post from earlier today Let Down By "Girls")

I've come up with a way to undo the damage of the "Girls" end of season disabled character story debacle.

Once Beadie recovers, and Jessa is tidying things up and talking to her a mile a minute, as she is wont to do, she mentions something about Beadie considering suicide because of her disability. Beadie interrupts saying, "What?! I didn't want to die because I use a fucking wheelchair! I've been using a wheelchair for three decades! No, I wanted to die because I'm depressed, and my photos have sucked for the last five years!"

Jessa says, "But, I thought ..."

Beadie, interrupts. "Jessa, honey, you've watched too many Lifetime Movies. Disability is the least of my fucking problems."

From there, Jessa becomes Beadie's aide for awhile, picking up a shit-ton of grown-up wisdom while she helps Beadie with the logistics of her photo shoots, which, incidentally, start to go a bit better because even Jessa knows a thing or two about art.

Boom. Stereotype acknowledged and busted. Meta-commentary made. Bold statement about life with a disability delivered.

There you go Lena Dunham ... a nice story thread for Season 4. I'll take my $100,000 now please.

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