Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Victory In New York State!

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Common sense won over the New York State Nurses Association!

Jon Campbell, Politics On The Hudson - March 26, 2014

“ADAPT has raised important and valid concerns about access to care and the ability of all New Yorkers to live independently in their own homes, and we feel that our proposal fully addresses these concerns,” the union wrote in a statement before the end of the sit-in."

"Darling said the group will now return its focus to the state Assembly in an attempt to get them to back the change before the state budget is passed. Cuomo and state lawmakers face a Monday deadline to pass a spending plan for the 2014-15 fiscal year, which begins the next day.”


ADAPTerBruce: Nurses association supports nurse delegation! ADAPT heads to the NYS Assembly!  @NationalADAPT

NationalADAPT: VICTORY: we who believe in FREEDOM will not rest till we have a CHOICE; COMMUNITY CHOICE! #FreeOurPeople

Now for the New York State Assembly ...

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