Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just Stop It

Scrabble tiles spelling out the word "Words"
I was just visiting a new adaptive product and services website and I noticed some interesting language and branding choices. The website is named “Ethos Disability”. The URL is ethosdisability.com. From context, too, it's clear that the site’s common denominator is disability.

Yet, in the About section and elsewhere on the site, the owners always refer instead to “additional needs” or “additional / changing needs”. I suppose this is yet another effort to solve the non-problem of how horrible the word “disability” is. At least the actual topic is identified elsewhere. Otherwise the site would be really offensively vague … a sort of nudge-wink non-acknowledgement of what we’re really talking about. Which, to me, puts a lot more negative connotation on disability than “disability”.

Just stop it. “Disability” and “disabled" are fine.

By the way, it Ethos Disability really does look like a promising new website.

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