Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Day Of Mourning

Day of mourning 2015: Remembering People with Disabilities Murdered by Caregivers
I can't speak for the organizers, but it seems to me that what this event isn't about is as important as what it is:

It isn't about saying that caregivers who kill are monsters.

It isn't about demonizing "special needs parents".

It isn't primarily about punishing the killers more harshly.

It is about accountability for crimes.

It is about ending a double standard ... acquittals and lighter sentences when the victims are disabled.

It is about changing the media narrative that reverses the roles of victim and victimizer.

It is about fighting the popular perception that caring for disabled people is some kind of hell.

It is about remembering the people we've lost, who are too often forgotten.

Please take part however you can, and well all remember together.

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Savannah Nicole Logsdon-Breakstone

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

David Perry, How Did We Get Into This Mess? - February 28, 2015



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