Monday, July 13, 2015

Podcast Update

Disability.TV A podcast about disability on television
No Seinfeld for you! Not today anyway.

I originally planned to post a Disability.TV Podcast episode on Seinfeld today. Instead, I found myself rethinking how to do the podcast going forward. The upshot is that I am making a couple of adjustments based on feedback received so far in the Visitor Survey. If you haven’t yet taken the survey, please do. It will stay open indefinitely.

1. Shorter Episodes

Starting Monday, August 3, podcasts will come out on the first and third Monday of each month. Each episode will be about half an hour long, sometimes a standalone episode, sometimes half a two-part installment on a single TV show or topic. In addition to cutting longer episodes in half and posting them two weeks apart, I will also work on being more concise overall.

2. Transcripts

Every episode will include a complete written transcript. It takes about a week to get transcripts done, so I will record and each month's episodes first, order the transcripts, and post the episodes later when the transcripts are done. Transcripts are essential to make podcasts accessible to deaf and hearing impaired people, and may also be helpful for others as well.

Here is the tentative schedule for the next few months:

August, 2015

Aug 3 - Part One
Aug 17 - Part Two

September, 2015

Sep 7 - Part One
Sep 21 - Part Two

October, 2015

Oct 5 - Part One
Oct 19 - Part Two

November, 2015

Nov 2 - Part One
Nov 16 - Part Two

December, 2015

Dec 7 - Autistic Characters
Dec 21 - Disability Tropes

January, 2016

Jan 4 - Part One
Jan 18 - Part Two

If you would like to be a guest for any of these topics, please let me know. Send me an email at: You can also contact me through Twitter: @AndrewPulrang or Facebook. I could also use some help paying for transcripts and other technical improvements. Check out the Support page to see how you can contribute.


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