Monday, July 15, 2013

The Texas Candidate

AG Abbott formally kicks off gubernatorial bid
Houston Chronicle - July 14, 2013

A wheelchair user is running for Governor of Texas.

It's a good test for my disability solidarity. I despise his political philosophy, so I hope he doesn't win, but whatever the outcome, it will be interesting to see how Abbott's disability factors into his campaigning, his opponent's strategy, and the public's reaction. Apparently, he's favored to win, which I guess must say something good about changing attitudes towards disabilities.

It sounds like he cited his injury and disability in a pretty standard, non-controversial way … a turning point in his life, challenges overcome … but I wonder if he'll go further than that. I actually kind of liked his bit about being a politician with a "spine of steel". I wonder if he has more developed than usual positions on disability issues. Would he be more progressive on those matters, or stick with across-the-board conservatism? Will anyone ask him?

It could be fun to watch.

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