Monday, June 23, 2014

Blog Changes

white 3-d stickman figure holding a large orange wrench
I have made a few changes and additions to Disability Thinking recently:

- The title photo and font are a little different, for no particular reason except I think they look a bit better.

- There is a new link list on the right column, “Useful & Entertaining”, linking to my favorite sites not related to disability matters.

- I will be participating in two “blog hops”, which I have added at the bottom of the page. These will show links to blog posts by all participants, including me when I add my own. They are from two excellent disability blogs, A Little Moxie and Down Wit Dat.

- Last weekend, I asked for help developing a snarky lexicon of disability terms and slang. I have since decided to make it more or less straightforward and non-satirical, though it will definitely contain “definitions” from a particular point of view. Expect the first few entries soon!

That is all.