Saturday, January 3, 2015


3-D blue hashtag symbol
Next week I plan to start a series of post intended to repeat then answer Frequently Asked Questions I have heard from people curious about Disability Culture and Disability Rights. I have heard them mostly from non-disabled people, but from plenty of disabled people, too. I hope that over time, these collected FAQs will serve as a partial introduction to disability for the uninitiated.

Another way to learn about disability from the disabled person's perspective is to get on Twitter and browse some disability-related hashtags. Right now, there's a really great one going on ... #StopAbleism2015.

Like most hashtags, the quality and relevance varies. Some restate familiar themes, often really well. Others may seem extremely specific and / or obscure. On the other hand, one of the most important things for newbies to learn about disability in society is that the subject is extremely broad, and properly inclusive of things you might not think relate to disability at all.

#StopAbleism2015 ... have a look!

Addendum: @SFdirewolf has complied a Storify collection of the #StopAbleism2015 hashtag. Check it out if you have limited time, or don't use Twitter.