Thursday, July 31, 2014

Video Of The Day: Mannequins 2, JCP Edition

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Jane Weaver, Today, NBC - July 15, 2014

I am glad to see this, but I am surprised they didn’t mention the similar project done in Zurich, Switzerland last Fall. The video for that made me cry for real, not out of pity, but because of a strong feeling of identification with the participants. One thing I like about this project is that they don't focus on disability per se, but on differences ... including weight and height.

"20 States On Wheels" Update

I decided to check in on the 20 States On Wheels project … four college students, one of whom uses a wheelchair, traveling from San Francisco to Boston and blogging about the accessibility they find, or don’t find, along the way. Today they are in Denver!

It looks like they have found a fair amount of full accessibility so far, with the biggest problems being when promised accessibility and accommodations fail to materialize. This seems most notable with car rental and hotel reservations. Restaurants and tourist attractions seem to be mostly accessible and accommodating.

That all sounds familiar to me, and highlights one of the best aspects of architectural accessibility. For the most part, a physically accessible feature can't disappoint. People frequently do, as do their policies and practices.

Browse the blog. The group has posted lots of great photos, along with descriptions of their accessibility experiences.