Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo Of The Day

Process Note

I just re-posted my blog post from yesterday, The Airport Analogy. I found that the post was twice as effective, I think, by cutting out whole chunks of it … about 1/3 of the whole in fact. It has me thinking that I should try to institute a routine where on the longer pieces, I write them one day, set them aside, and edit the next day before posting. Short pieces like this I can do on the fly, but the stuff I really care about usually can be improved if allowed to sit overnight.

Another Analogy ...

Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around In My Head - March 5, 2012

A comment on yesterday’s “The Airport Analogy” post included a link to another disability analogy I really like. Dave Hingsburger suggests trying to write a coherent paragraph without using the letter “e”. It is a good approximation of the mental intensity required to live with physical or mental disabilities. I particularly like this line.

"Disability isn't about not having a cut curb ... well it is but it isn't ... it's about figuring out what to do about the fact that there isn't a cut curb.”

I really think that a good analogy for disability is a precious thing. We should be collecting them.