Thursday, June 11, 2015

How Many?

3 d illustration of a red question mark lying on it's side, with a white stick figure sitting on it, scratching head
- How many disabled people despise sentimental “Inspiration Porn?" How many think inspiring stories about people overcoming disabilities are pretty cool and encouraging?

- How many disabled people refer to themselves as “disabled,” how many use Person First language, ("person with a disability"), and how many prefer terms like, “physically challenged,” “differently-abled,” or “special needs?"

- How many disabled people actively hope their disability will be cured someday? How many aren't interested or would turn down a cure?

- How many disabled people consciously or unconsciously try to hide some aspect of their disability from public view or knowledge?

- How many disabled people view themselves positively as disabled people, and how many mainly think in terms of making the best of a bad situation?

Believe it or not, I think about questions like this while waiting to fall asleep. You could say the questions "keep me up at night."

The question is, are there credible answers to these questions? If not, how could we find them?


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