Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yet Another Video Of The Day

From what I see on the Mandeville Sisters YouTube Channel, disability is not the main topic, and this video might be a one-time thing. Whatever the case, Grace gives a very accessible explanation of her disability. I also like the way she demonstrates how a disabled person can have layers of feeling about their disabilities and the stigma that can come with it. It doesn’t bother you, but yes, it does bother you.

It’s also fascinating to me that Grace sees herself as quite different from amputees. She has always had a missing limb, while amputees lose one later in life. I have always thought that there are profound differences between people born with disabilities and people with acquired disabilities, but I’d never thought of it in terms of missing limbs. Her statement that “amputees are amazing!” just underscores how subjective all this admiration of the “other” is in the disability world.

One question though: What does “podgy” mean?

Another Video Of The Day

AmputeeOT on showering & bathing … but mostly about not slipping & falling!

Video Of The Day

Well, I'm done. This made me cry, not at the cuteness, but at the truth of it.

Parents of kids with disabilities need to hear from teens and adults with disabilities. We may not all have brilliant, wise, encouraging advice, but our existence at least suggests something about their children's futures. I think YouTube videos of this similar format could be a great way to make that connection. And it would work with any kind of disability, not just Down Syndrome.

More of this please!

Via BuzzFeed.