Sunday, September 15, 2013

Podcast Partner Wanted!

stick figure standing next to old-style radio microphone
(Tap, tap, tap) Are we on? Is this on? Can you hear me?

I am looking for someone to partner with me in a podcast about disability on television and in the movies.

I hope to find someone with a disability, who is also as steeped in great television, film and pop culture as I am. Someone with broadcast or podcast experience would be great, but not essential. What is essential is a passion for watching, thinking about, discussing, and even dissecting how disability is depicted and used in popular culture … for good and for ill.

We'll do more than just catalog all the cliches and offensive language. We can do that, too, but what I really want to do is explore the question of what makes a "good" TV show or movie, and what makes a "bad" one. Can disabled characters make us laugh without being insulting? Do positive disabled characters always have to be "inspirational?" Do actors and actresses still dive into disabled characters hoping to win an easy Oscar? Do disability stories in popular culture help defuse stereotypes, or support them?

stylized plaque reading "PODCAST" in capital lettersI plan on using Skype to record my partner's portion of weekly reviews and discussions, beginning with two of this season's new TV shows, the new "Ironside" and "The Michael J. Fox Show". If all goes well and we get into a nice rhythm, we might add discussions of the disabled characters in "Game Of Thrones", which could bring us some crossover listeners, and would in any case be really fun. Where we go from there is our choice … into the great disability-themed movies, older disability-themed TV shows, examinations of memorable disabled characters, etc.

old TV set with wheelchair symbol on the screen
I can't offer any pay. This would be entirely a volunteer gig. But I'll pay for all the startup costs … including any accessories you might need to buy on your end. All I ask is that you supply your own computer and Internet connection.

Are you interested? Are you wondering who the heck would listen? Are you interested whether anyone listens or not? If you're seriously considering joining me in this project, send me an email with answers to the following questions:


Your name where you live … (I don't need your postal address right now, just your city, state, and / or country)

A brief description of your disability. If you don't have a disability, explain your background and interest in disability issues.

What kind of computer equipment, software, and Internet service you have.

Describe any experience you have, if any, in radio, podcasting, and / or sound editing and production.

Your 5 favorite TV shows of all time.

Your 5 favorite films of all time.


You can answer all this in an email, or, how about recording your answers and sending them to me as a sound file? That way, I'd get an idea of how you sound!

Send me an email with your answer … or your questions … at:

I look forward to hearing from you!