Thursday, September 18, 2014

Video Of The Day

It seems appropriate to embed this Amputee OT video, seeing as how two of the main characters on “Red Band Society” are amputees. Another detail I didn’t mention was that Leo never wore a prosthetic in the Pilot, at least not that I noticed. Since it isn’t clear how long ago his leg was amputated, so maybe he’s not ready for one yet, but it could be just another authenticity fail on the part of the writers.

Red Band Society - Pilot

I just posted my review of the “Red Band Society” Pilot episode. There are lots of flaws here, but with luck, some of them could turn into assets if the writers have the understanding and courage to make it happen. I think those of us who have disabilities, and had them in our youth. will find enough here to keep us engaged, and not entirely consumed with nit-picking.

Andrew Pulrang, Gotta Watch It! - September 18, 2014

Stay tuned. I’ll be reviewing every episode of this first season, on Thursdays after Wednesday night airings.