Sunday, October 5, 2014

Disabled TV Character Face-Off: First Round

The votes are in ... or rather I have decided there are enough votes to call it. Here are the 16 contestants for Best Disabled TV Character:

So, now it's time to vote in the first round, pitting two disabled characters in the same show!

Photo of actress Lauren Potter as character Becky Jackson
Becky Jackson
Disability: Down Syndrome.
Role on the show: Secondary character in an ensemble cast. Member of the “Cheerios” high school cheerleading team.

Photo of actor Kevin McHale as character Artie Abrams
Artie Abrams
Actor: Kevin McHale
Disability: Paraplegic due to an accident. Uses a manual wheelchair.
Role on the show: Main character in an ensemble cast. One of the original members of the “New Directions” high school glee club.

Voting in this round will be closed Sunday, October 19, 2014.

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Disability Thinking Weekly Wrap Up in white letters superimposed over sepia-tone photo of handicapped parking spaces
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