Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Accessibility Website UK

Computer keyboard key colored light blue with white wheelchair symbol on top
Emma Tracey, BBC - July 7, 2014

Euan’s Guide - Disabled Access Reviews is a new accessibility review website and app combination similar to AXSMap and AbleRoad. It is based in the United Kingdom, but includes site accessibility reviews in Australia, Denmark, France, Iceland, Ireland, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, and the United States. The site announced today that it had reached 1,000 site reviews.

I think Euan’s Guide looks absolutely terrific. I love the graphics, and even though the title font looks a bit juvenile, somehow it works to make the site look fun, but not unserious. The rating system is more complicated and harder to get used to if you want to contribute your own reviews. However, the results are more detailed, easier to understand reviews for users who want to check reviews of places they would like to visit. I hope the site can draw enough reviewers to fill out the database, at least for the UK. The real challenge of these sites is to get enough accessibility reviews added in every community to make the reference meaningful. It seems like that would be easy to do, but I don’t sense a groundswell of interest among disabled people and their families in participating with these kinds of sites. I have been negligent myself.

So, once again … for all of you who care about accessibility, wherever you are … three sites you can join and post accessibility reviews of the places you visit: