Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hospital Blogging! Part 2

Large "H" hospital icon on the left, active wheelchair icon on the right
What do I “give” on when I’m in the hospital?

I let people do things for me … and ask them to do things for me … that I normally do myself. Initially, I even let people do things for me that I probably could do even though I’m sick.

I give an accurate rundown of my regular medication and treatment routines but for the first couple of days, I don’t obsessively follow up about it. If the doctors want to alter my usual meds to help fight whatever I’ve got, that’s fine with me. After a day or two, I start gradually taking the reins back, asking which changes are permanent, which temporary, etc.

I try to remember that some people just naturally speak in condescending, nursery-school tones, to everyone. Also, it seems like there are schools of thought in nurse training in particular that promote being super-sweet, while others seem to opt for more businesslike, or more jovial tones. None of these variations necessarily mean anything about how nurses view me and my disabilities.