Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sled Hockey Final: USA 1 - Russia 0

Congratulations to Team USA! It was an exciting game. And props to the Russian team that won a Silver only 4 years after establishing a team. A few more notes:

- I suppose he’s too busy messing around with Crimea, but I think it’s kind of an insult that Vladimir Putin didn’t come, at least to the Medal Ceremony, and sent his deputy instead. I wonder if Putin harbors old-style disability prejudice?

- The Paralympic-related ads were all very good, but there were only like 3 or 4 different ones that have been running in very heavy rotation. For the next Paralympics, they need more sponsors to make more different ads.

- It’s excellent that in the Medal Ceremony, some of the guys are in their wheelchairs, some are still in their sleds, while others are standing … I presume they are amputees wearing prosthetics. It’s a nice reminder that wheelchair users aren’t the only disabled people. The play by play commentator also mentioned during the game that some players are amputees, some paraplegics, and some have lifelong conditions like spina bifida.

Video Of The Day - "My Gimpy Life"

My Gimpy Life
Episode 8 - “Viral Superstar"

So, that's Season 2. It's hard to judge even a web series with so few episodes, but I enjoyed it. This final episode got into some fairly deep stuff about how people with disabilities are treated in the entertainment industry. And Episode 3's examination of "devotees" was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, as it is in real life, I suppose.

Everyone in this series is great. That said, I think my favorite characters this season were Teal 2, ("I'm Teal number 1 motherfucker!"), and Teal Sherer's roommate, Brent. He might even be the show's "breakout star", even though he doesn't have a disability.

What a treat to see Geri Jewell. I loved her "Oh, God" reaction to that bald producer guy,

The final shot of Teal looking out over Hollywood was gorgeous.

I hope Season 3 comes soon!