Monday, July 14, 2014

Fundraising Announcement

Photo of a hand held palm up, with a cartoon green dollar sign above it
After much thought, I have decided to join the Amazon Affiliate program, in order to help me support and expand Disability Thinking. If you buy any products from, using links from this blog, I will get a small percentage of the proceeds. To kick things off, I have added a menu of “Recommended” items to the right-hand sidebar … including ten of my favorite books and DVDs related to disability. From time to time, I will also post product reviews that I hope will be interesting to read, and will also include links to purchase through Disability Thinking.

Blogging isn’t expensive, but it has a cost, and some day soon I hope to add some features that definitely carry a higher price tag. I would greatly appreciate any purchases you make through Disability Thinking!

"Shared Abilities" Blog Post

Shared Abilities logo
I have a new blog post up at Shared Abilities"Could You Design a Better System?” Do check it out, and leave your ideas!

"Freakshow" Trailer

I'm looking forward to the next American Horror Story … Freakshow, because I am anxious to find out whether Ryan Murphy and his excellent troupe of actors manage to mix some humanity in with what I am sure will be plenty of gaping at freaks. I’m not optimistic, but you never know ...