Thursday, March 14, 2013

Post-Trip Reviews

thumbs up
Thumbs Up
  • Chairs and benches evenly distributed all around airport corridors, so you're never more than a few strides away from a place to rest.
  • Even if you didn't ask for wheelchair assistance in advance, you can ask for it when you get off the plane and they'll give it to you without extensive questions or excessive waiting.
  • Moving sidewalks.
thumbs down
Thumbs Down
  • Airports where instead of a jetway, you have to board a shuttle bus that takes you to or from your plane.
  • Weird gate numbering systems, wherein Gate 25 and 35 are at opposite ends of the airport instead of being, you know, ten gates down the same concourse from each other.
  • Wheelchair handling. I've seen baggage handlers try to push a large, expensive electric wheelchair, even though its wheels are obviously locked and the tires are studdering and scraping across the tarmac.
question mark
Not Sure What To Think
  • TSA doing a full-body pat search on a visibly disabled person, specifically, me. Basically, I figure it's fair play, and no more stupid than any other aspects of "security theater." Plus, the guy doing it was exceedingly polite and respectful.