Sunday, April 28, 2013

Creating A Forum

picture of forum button
Some time soon, hopefully by the end of next week, I will be adding a second feature to the Disability Thinking website ... a Forum. This will be a separate page where readers will be able to view and participate in discussions on a wide variety of disability-related topics. You will be able to browse and partially participate as a "guest", or register for free and create a user profile, which will allow you to participate fully. I anticipate that the Forum will have a number of ways to participate, including:

- Creating your own topics to spur discussion.
- Adding your own comments to existing discussions.
- Communicating directly and privately with other registered members.
- Participating in polls on various disability-related topics.

My goal here is to create an online community for disability discussion and sharing. I hope it will be a place you will visit frequently. Its intended to be for both fun and learning, enjoyment and growth. Participating in the Forum will be free, as personal or anonymous as you want, and secure.

Right now I am learning how to set up and operate the Forum, using an application called vBulletin. You can click on the link now to see what a typical forum looks like. Once I set it up, I will link to it, and to this Blog, from a central home page for Disability Thinking. You will be able to start there, and then choose to visit the Blog or the Forum each time you visit.

If you have questions or ideas about this next step in the development of the Disability Thinking website, you can post them in the Comments for this post, or email me directly at:

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