Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Photo Of The Day

Business entrance has two accessible buttons to auto-open the door, depending on if you’re standing or sitting, wheelchair user, walker or came user, prefer to use your hands or kick the button
From the Hypermobile Tumblr blog, via Wheelie Wifee.

Yet Another Service Dog Problem

KTVU.com - May 12, 2014

Annnnd  again with the service animals!

I really dont understand this. Service animals are allowed just about everyone people can go, and have been for years, decades even. If there are very specific exceptions to that, maybe involving aircraft safety, then those exceptions should be stated very clearly and declared whenever the issue comes up.

Are service dogs allowed in bulkhead seating or not? If they arent, maybe because they cant be seat belted and could be hurled around a cabin in severe turbulence, then say so upfront. If its not a problem, then make that clear to all airline employees.

This really isn’t difficult. The only reason this kind of crap keeps happening is that companies haven’t felt it important enough to send clear messages to their employees. If, on the other hand, the companies really don’t agree with the law, then let them have it out with the Justice Department, or propose reforms. But don’t just decide not to follow the law, and don’t just let service employees make the call.