Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Disability Podcasts

Icon illustration of a radio microphone and ear bud earphones
Here are three more disability-related podcasts I’m exploring:

A terrific podcast on reforming Special Education, with a strong pro-inclusion orientation. Many of the episodes are interviews with education experts and inclusion advocates. The podcast is hosted by Tim Villegas, who runs the Think Inclusive website. I recommend starting with Podcast #010 How Long Can We Wait For Inclusive education?, featuring Tim's interview with Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen. Their conversation ends up being a strong and complete introduction to the central question facing advocates of inclusion ... why are kids with disabilities still so often educated in segregated settings?

This is a British podcast similar to the BBC's "Ouch!" show, but with somewhat more emphasis on disability policy in the British government. My tentative though on listening for awhile is that UK disability policy is simpler and less layered than in the US, but not easier, or even much better for disabled people. The podcast also covers aspects of disability culture and practical adaptation.

I have only listened to one episode ... Jane Hash's interview with the creator and star of "My Gimpy Life", Teal Sherer ... but I'm hooked already. Jane is a great interviewer and picks great guests to talk with. Her style is pretty straightforward, but with a bit of an "alternative" bite. Even if you don't immediately get some of the "in" jokes and references to disability community notables, it's easy to get into the spirit of things with Jane and her guests. So in a way, the podcast is another good introduction to at least part of the disability culture community.

All three podcasts are available to subscribe in iTunes.

I'm still looking for even more active disability podcasts. If you know of another one, or are thinking of starting one, let me know in Comments or by email.