Friday, October 31, 2014

Disability.TV Podcast - Ep. 14 - Ironside (2013)

Disability.TV logo on the left, photo of Blair Underwood as Ironside in a wheelchair

Kamilah Proctor and I conduct a postmortem on the short-lived 2013 remake of Ironside, starring Blair Underwood. We discuss our histories with the original Ironside and the new, compare notes on what we liked and didn’t like in the new version, and speculate on what might have been … and what still could be with this still vital TV character with a disability. Special thanks to Rebecca Coakley of the National Council on Disability for suggesting Kamilah as a guest host. You can find Kamilah on Twitter @KamilahProctor, and at the Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation.

If you haven't already, listen to my solo review of the original Ironside, in Episode 3 of the podcast.