Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Illustration of the time machine from the film "The Time Machine"
Two years ago in Disability Thinking: Autism, Advocacy, and the Choices of “Parenthood”

How appropriate that two years ago I was writing about disability on “Parenthood,” as today I have listed the show among those I plan to discuss on the rebooted Disability.TV Podcast.


Disability.TV Podcast Reboot: Upcoming Topics

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As I announced yesterday in a brief episode of the Disability.TV, I have decided to "reboot" the podcast. It will start November 30 with a discussion of one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing, dealing with President Bartlett's Multiple Sclerosis. Episodes will go up monthly, and each one will focus on either a TV episode dealing with disability, or on a disabled character on a TV show.

I hope it will be a lot easier and a lot less tedious discussing these smaller bites of TV shows. Usually, disability makes the biggest impact on TV in specific moments, and with a few standout characters ... another reason I think this might be a better approach.

If you are interested in disability on television, please have a look at this list of topics. Let me know which ones you would look forward to the most, and whether there are other episodes and characters you would suggest.

Even better, if you would like to join me for a discussion on the podcast, or maybe send in some written or audio comments, please do let me know so we can set it up.

Here is the list of topics I have so far:

The Cage / Menagerie Conundrum 
S. 1, E. 1 and S. 1, E. 11 & 12: “The Cage” & “The Menagerie Parts I and II” 

Calling The Klingon Kevorkian 
S. 5, E. 16: “Ethics” 

Advocate Or Asshole? 
S. 2, E. 6: “Melora” 

The Story of House’s Leg
S. 1, E. 21: “Three Stories” 

Character Profile: 
Dr. Gregory House 

Chief Ironside, Peer Counselor 
S. 1, E. 11: “Light At The End Of The Journey” 

President Bartlett's China Trip 
S. 6, E. 9: “Impact Winter” 

Character Profile: 
Joey Lucas 

Tyrion’s Prison Conversations 
S. 4, E. 8: The Mountain and The Viper” 

Character Profile: Bran & Hodor 

George Fakes A Disability 
S. 9, E. 1: “The Butter Shave” 

Character Profile: Mickey Abbott 

Hank’s Epiphany 
S 5., E. 11: “Promises” 

Max Melts Down 
S. 5, E. 18: “The Offer” 

Character Profile: Jewel 

Character Profile: Claudius 

Character Profile: Dr. Kerry Weaver 

Winchester & The Piano Man 
S. 8, E. 19: “Morale Victory” 

Character Development Instrument
S. 1, E. 1: “Pilot” 

This Is Why We Have No Friends
S. 3, E. 11: “The Friend” 

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