Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Disability.TV Podcast: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Logo of the podcast, photo of an old style tv set with disability symbols on the screen
The most notable development for me in 2014 was the start of the Disability.TV Podcast. Beginning in August, several guest hosts and I dug into disability depictions on several TV shows of the past and present. All of the podcast episodes are available on the main podcast site, and through free subscription using iTunes or Stitcher. If you want to jump right to the TV show discussions, here is the list so far:

I plan to go back to weekly episodes sometime in January, 2015. Which TV shows with disabled characters should we look at the year ahead? What other related topics should we discuss? I would really appreciate you letting me know by taking the Podcast Direction Survey.

Meanwhile, look for the next episode this coming Sunday, including my list of the Top 5 Disability On TV Events of 2014.

Wider Application

Via The Cryptic Cripple Tumblr blog.

Really well done. Similar posters could be made to deliver the same type of message to disabled people of all genders and ages, too, including disabled children and teens, and elderly people with age-related impairments.