Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blogiversary II

3-D illustration of a cake with 2 candles, with "2 years!" printed underneath
Two years ago today, I hit Publish on my first blog post at Disability Thinking. It didn’t take long for blogging on disability issues to become a more or less daily habit, which is exactly what I hoped would happen. My ambitions for a more complex, full-service website haven’t really panned out, but that’s because I don’t really think we need one. I did add the Disability.TV Podcast last year which I’ve enjoyed doing but needs a lot of work, growth, and consistency to become really good to listen to … by which I mean entertaining. Just recently, I started adding weekend link-ups, which I hope will become a reliable place to visit, for the best, most interesting disability blogging.

I don't expect to add any new features before Disability Thinkings 3rd Anniversary. That said, I am always interested in hearing ideas for how disability-based blogging and social media can become more fun and influential  both for the disability community itself and for the world at large.

Of course, theres always the possibility of a facelift  new colors, graphics, fonts, and widgets.

You can always contact me with ideas, or post them in the Comments below. You can reach me at:

Twitter: @AndrewPulrang