Sunday, July 27, 2014

T-Shirt Of The Day

Top 10 things NEVER to say to a Disability Rights Activist. 1. What’s wrong with you. 2. It’s so great to see you out in public. 3. People like you are such an inspiration … if I were in your situation I’d probably kill myself. 4. Yeah we’re accessible … we only have two steps. 5. I was just parking there for a minute. 6. Wheelchair access is around the back … through the alley … behind the dumpster … just knock and someone will take you through the kitchen. 7. We’re covered by the Grandfather clause (NOT). 8. You can’t bring that dog in here! 9. Can’t he just read lips? 10. Can you drive? Who do you live with?

Recommended: Hashtag & Podcast

Maddie Ruvolo and Emily Ladau, who started a new podcast yesterday, Disabled Girls Talk, also started a great Twitter hashtag: #BecauseOfTheADA. This morning they posted a Storify page showing some of the resulting Tweets.

If you are the Twittering kind, why not keep the hashtag going? Also, be sure to listen to Disabled Girls Talk. In Episode 1, "Generation ADA", Maddie and Emily discuss what it has been like for them to grow up with disabilities in a post-Americans with Disabilities Act world.

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