Friday, September 4, 2015


Photo of a stack of crumpled up balls of different colored paper, each ball labeled "IDEA"
I keep a running list of potential blogging topics. At least once a week, I go through and add new topics, and erase or rewrite topics I’ve changed my mind about. Here is what’s on my topic list today:
  • Disability policy questions for election candidates.
  • Tips for being a disability advocate without being an asshole.
  • How I really feel about my disabilities.
  • A preference for passion or policy?
  • The difference between advocacy and activism.
  • Notes for people who think ableism isn't a problem.
  • My take on "Political Correctness."
  • Which is worse, opposition or ignorance?
  • Discredited ideas about disability.
  • Intentions don't matter, except that they sort of do.
  • How disability issues differ from other kinds of policy issues.
  • Exploring pessimism and optimism in disability culture.
  • "Educating" people is a profession and a calling, not an obligation.
  • Is there a "Disability Agenda?"
  • Exploring the different neighborhoods within the “disability community."
  • Inspirational disability stories that don't make me want to throw up.
  • I wish I could talk to my parents about how they dealt with my disabilities.
  • Checking my privilege, disability edition.
  • The disability version of “respectability politics."
  • My take on “Intersectionality."
  • The evolving arguments for disability rights.
  • My most embarrassing disability-related moment.
  • What do disabled people fear most?
What should I write about over the next few weeks? I would also like to learn about how other disability bloggers decide what to write. Please add your thoughts below!