Monday, March 30, 2015

For Senate

Mark Murray and Carrie Dann, NBC News - March 30, 2015

As a Democrat and a disabled person, I am very excited about Rep. Tammy Duckworth running for Senate. I think its also interesting that her opponent, Sen. Mark Kirk, is also disabled  recovering from what I recall was a very serious stroke. How will the disability factor play out when both candidates are disabled? Do Duckworth and Kirk have different perspectives on their disabilities? Do they talk about them differently from each other? Or, will their individual approaches to disability just cancel each other out, making disability entirely irrelevant? I look forward to finding out.

I am also thinking that it might be fun to start following all of the major 2016 election campaigns that include candidates with disabilities. I don't tend to think that having more disabled people in Congress or more disabled Governors would necessarily make for better policy, but more of us being in office might have broader, more abstract positive effects on the disabled community.

In any case, following the races might be fun.