Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blog Topics Update

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I’m feeling poorly today … to quote Dr. Seuss, I’ve got “crummies in my tummy,” so I’m just going to run down a few of the blog posts I’m working on for the next few days:

Sex and Disability: Is It Really A Taboo?

I’ve seen quite a few blog posts and news stories lately with this theme, and while I certainly agree most peoples’ nations about disability and sex are either screwed up or naive, I’ve never quite agreed with calling it a “taboo.”  I’ll explore this and try to figure out more precisely what we’re dealing with.

Logical Fallacies

One of my favorite podcasts focused recently on logical and rhetorical fallacies, and from there I found a really cool website with a listing of the main ways we weaken our arguments and suffer failures in critical thinking. I hope to identify some of the fallacies that crop up most frequently in discussions about disability.

DIY Disability Policy

If you could design a three-point national disability policy agenda, from the ground up, what would you include? Think practical, but think big, too!

Defining Inspiration Porn

I hope to finish this thing by the end of next week. It’s worth doing, but exhausting and, truth be told, a bit depressing.

Also, look for another Disability Blogger Link-Up this Friday, October 23.