Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Signal Boost: "Our ADA Stories"

Disability Visibility Project: a community project with StoryCorps. “Recording disability history one story at a time.” @DisVisibiliy.

The Disability Visibility Project is partnering with the National Council on Independent Living for a social media campaign called #OurADAStories.

From the announcement by the Disability Visibility Project:
To celebrate the rich diversity of the disability community and the impact of the ADA on our everyday lives and activities.
How To Participate
1) Tweet your story! It can be a written message, selfie or a photo of things you see in your community that relates to disability rights. Be sure use the hashtags #OurADAStories and #ADA25 in any tweets! Follow @DisVisibility for updates.
2) Post an image or written message to the Disability Visibility Project’s Facebook group (you have to join first). If you post an image to this group, please include a written description of your image.

The idea is to share your personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings about the Americans with Disabilities Act … in words and / or pictures. How has it affected your life? What are the law’s strengths and weaknesses? How has the ADA made your community better for people with disabilities?

This initiative will run from now until July 26, 2015 … the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.