Saturday, November 15, 2014

Disability.TV - Ep. 16 - The Big Bang Theory

Disability.TV logo on the left, Big Bang Theory logo on the right.
Sheldon Cooper’s mom may have had him tested, but that doesn’t stop Sarah Levis and I from discussing the now-familiar question of whether The Big Bang Theory’s breakthrough character is, or is not a disabled character, and whether his portrayal is a positive or negative influence on how people view autism and Asberger’s Syndrome today. More than with any previous podcast, I welcome comments and disagreements, especially from listeners who are autistic. You can email me at, leave comments on the Disability Thinking blog, or send an audio file … whichever you prefer. And please do let me know whether or not its okay to include your comments in an upcoming podcast. You can find my guest, Sarah Levis, at Girl With The Cane, and on Twitter @GirlWithTheCane.