Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Tonight!

The Michael J. Fox Show
9:00 PM Eastern, on NBC

I'll be watching, and here are some things I'll be watching for:

If the Parkinson's jokes are funny tonight, will they still be funny if they continue the same way week after week?\

Is the show strong enough to work if they tone down the Parkinson's stuff now and then?

Do the workplace problems and their solutions seem realistic?

Does it feel like the show is trying to teach us things about Parkinson's Disease or other disabilities?

Does the show explore different ways non-disabled people react to people with disabilities?

Does the show poke fun at non-disabled peoples' reaction to people with disabilities, as well as the disabled people themselves?

How strong and interesting are the other characters?

Am I going to watch it next week out of disability loyalty, or because I liked it?

How awesome are Betsy Brandt (from Breaking Bad) and Wendell Pierce (from The Wire)?