Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Practical Difficulties Of Being An Amputee

This week, AmputeeOT talks about some of the difficulties of being an amputee. Christina encourages people with disabilities to avoid comparing themselves to other disabled people who may seem to "have it all figured out". One disabled person's positivity should never be misused to shame another disabled person, or make them feel like they are somehow failing at being a "good" disabled person. Because we all have our moments!

More Of What Ableists Think

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I should really have named the first in this series, which I posted last Saturday, “What Ableists Think”. Here’s some more:


I saw a thing on TV that the number of people on disability is skyrocketing, and Social Security Disability is going broke soon. It's because of all these people who use disability when they can't get unemployment.

I'm sure a few disabled people are unfairly discriminated against, but really, if they're disabled, aren't most of them less qualified for jobs? Why would an employer hire someone who can't do as good a job when there are other applicants who can?

Disabled people would rather sit on their asses and collect disability than work for a living!

Parents of disabled children are selfish and just want the school to drop everything for their own kids. What about all the other kids?

This mainstreaming thing in schools is just a politically correct fad. We all know those kids are better off in special classes with Special Ed teachers.

She's not disabled, she's just fat!

All those old geezers using Medicare scooters are just fat, lazy people who smoke, don't eat right, and don't exercise. Most of them are Tea Partiers, too, so they're hypocrites because they oppose taxes but want the government to pay for their scooters.

"Retarded" is just slang for lame, stupid things and people. It's not meant for actually retarded people!

I know some pretty cool disabled people, but the thing is they don't dwell on their disabilities.


Once again a reminder, this isn't what I think, it's what I'm pretty sure ableists think.