Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Man He Became ... I'm Running Late Again!

I'm going to wait until tomorrow to write my final review of The Man He Became, by James Tobin, so I have time to think some more about what I have read. For now, I'll just say how amazed I am at how many ways Franklin D. Roosevelt was ahead of his time in how he understood and dealt with his disability ... probably not consciously, but quite profoundly.

Photo Of The Day

Young man standing with two forearm crutches on sandy beach

Book Club Reminder: "The Man He Became", Part Three, "Resurrection"

It’s time for me to “read” (listen to) Part Three of “The Man He Became”, by James Tobin. This evening I’ll post my final review. As I’ve said before, I can already recommend it to anyone with a disability, especially a physical disability. People with chronic illness will also find a lot to relate to in the story of a man who got the most demanding job ever conceived, at the most difficult time possible to be in that job, while coping every day with a massively exhausting disability that started with a horrifically frightening sudden illness.