Friday, May 9, 2014

Goodbye, "Community"

Why not one more video? “Community” was cancelled today. So, let’s pay tribute to a not very realistic, but completely endearing character with Asberger’s … Abed!

Parts And Service

AmputeeOT asks, why can’t amputees buy some prosthetic supplies on their own, online?

I have run into a little bit of the same problem with certain ventilator supplies. I see the sense in channelling purchases of some items through medical equipment specialists. Some parts are too technical for users to evaluate and select by themselves. But some replacement parts are very standardized and interchangeable, and we ought to be able to buy them at bargain prices on eBay if we want.

A Great Mother's Day Video at Shared Abilities

Charisse Hogan, Shared Abilities - May 9, 2014

The Shared Abilities video linked above … which I will also embed below … forces me to confront a sort of taste paradox.

I don’t like sentimentality. Maybe it’s because I’m a Generation X’er, so my default emotion is ironic detachment. Maybe it’s my ingrained wariness about God-talk. Maybe it’s a guy thing. I shouldn’t like Charisse Hogan's videos, but they always win me over because they say something. By which I mean something that isn’t obvious, isn’t cliché, and hasn’t been said a thousand times before. Charisse has a distinct voice, and that is a either a rare, or a hard-won gift. And let's face it, she's far more adept at video editing and composition than I am. iMovie is the most woefully unused software on my computer.

I’d like to post something myself in honor of Mother’s Day, and I am thinking hard about it. In case I don’t manage it though, I will be happy to let Charisse’s thanks to her Mom speak for me.