Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Illustration of the time machine from the film "Time Machine"
One year ago in Disability Thinking: The George Takei "Controversy": My Two Cents.

I recently listened to a terrific interview with George Takei. They didn’t mention the “Miracle In The Alcohol Asile” meme, but they did touch briefly on Takei’s use of humor to help deal with injustice and oppression.

I have to admit, reading about it all again, it does seem like maybe we made a bit too much of this. But I stand by the core issue, which is that Mr. Takei, who is very tuned-in to social justice issues, apparently missed at least two different ways this meme was a stereotypical slam on disabled people. It wasn’t the worst offense in the world, but it deserved some kind of acknowledgement before the public shaming.


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