Friday, July 19, 2013

Whining, Complaining, and Documenting

stick figure in wheelchair facing stairs1. Whining is when you visit a restaurant you thought was accessible but isn't, and you gripe about it to your friends, blog about it, and add it to your mental list of things pissing you off and stealing your "spoons" today … and that's it.

2. Complaining is when you speak to an employee in the restaurant about the accessibility barriers, and urge that they be fixed.

3. Documenting is when you take available steps to inform others about the barriers, and / or to involve others in an effort to make the restaurant accessible … for instance, posting an accessibility rating on an accessibility website like AXSmap, or AbleRoad, or reporting the details it to your nearest Center for Independent Living or other disability advocacy organization.

Any combination is useful, except maybe doing just #1, which unfortunately is what I think most people with disabilities do ... including me.

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