Friday, August 30, 2013

Everything In Moderation

I can't know what it's like to be a non-disabled person, but I'll bet one of the most confusing aspects of disability awareness for non-disabled people is our dislike of being admired.

For one thing, what's wrong with a person who gets angry at being praised? For another, as soon as we get done saying for the umpteenth time that we're not "inspirational", we start complaining about the cruelty and thoughtlessness of strangers. So, what is it, then? Are people supposed to mean to us or nice?

The answer is ridiculously simple … moderation.

Be nice, but not too nice, or for no reason.

Meanness is never okay, but if you're in a bad mood, don't sprain something trying to be nice. Just remember that there's a thin line between disapproval and cruelty. And don't use our disability as a special focus for your anger or resentment issues.

Pretty simple, I'd say.

P.S.: Also, stop saying "retard", to anyone, in any situation. And we get to say "cripple" if we want, you don't.

Again, not too difficult.

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