Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Can Stop Blogging Now, It's Been Done Perfectly

Stella Young, Letters To Thrive - October 4, 2013

I just read this “Letters To Thrive” contribution by the Editor of Ramp Up, a disability website affiliated with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was posted earlier this month, and has been reblogged many times, so I’m sure tons of people have already read it. But everyone needs to read the letter, so I am posting a link to it here. I want people with disabilities, young and old, male and female to read it. I want parents of kids with disabilities to read it. I want teachers and counselors and disability service providers to read it. And it couldn't hurt for everyone else in the world to read it, too.

A lot of it is about sex and relationships, but it’s about so much more than that, too. If aliens landed and destroyed all disability-related writings except this one, I think we’d still be in pretty good shape. I really almost feel like I can stop blogging now, because this says it all.

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