Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Video Of The Day

For both informational and entertainment value, this is AmputeeOT’s best video in quite awhile!

I confess, I kind of enjoyed seeing her struggle a bit. Usually, her videos show her being ultra-competent and totally on top of things.

Incidentally, one of the YouTube commenters for this video said that it was “inspirational”. That gave me another little insight into why so many of us hate the word “inspirational” when applied to disabled people and the stuff we do. It’s inappropriate. It is the right general tone … positive … but the wrong word for what we’ve actually seen. This video is many good things, but “inspirational”? Not really. Choosing the wrong word really wouldn’t be a big deal, either, except it suggests that the reaction is more of a reflex than an appreciation … that the person wasn’t really paying attention.

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