Friday, March 7, 2014


2 cartoon drawings. Left is a woman coming through a door held open by a little girl, who stands out of the way. Right is a man holding open a door for another man, but standing in the way ... right picture is crossed out and "No" underneath. Left has "yes" underneath
From the “Hypermobile” Tumblr blog.

The first time I wrote anything about my disability for public consumption, I wrote about the difficulties I had with heavy, hard-to-open doors in my high school. It was supposed to be funny, and I guess it was, at least to other highschoolers, because classmates would still occasionally mention the article two or three years later. I can’t honestly remember whether the doors got any easier, or if peoples’ behavior changed for the better, but I think maybe a few people got a taste of what life with disabilities was like. I think they learned that what I found to be problematic was something they’d never thought of.

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