Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video Of The Day: Inclusion

It is amazing that the presenter, Dan Habib, makes so many of the most fundamental points of disability rights in one, smooth, engaging, and personal presentation. He makes such a great argument for inclusion … and the crystal clear case for downtown accessibility was such an unexpected surprise.

The only thing missing, I think, is tackling some of the actual arguments that keep segregated Special Ed alive. For example:
  • My child isn’t as intelligent or naturally charming as Samuel, he’d never keep up or make friends in a regular classroom.
  • My daughter is included, and she’s teased every day and the teachers couldn’t care less. She was happier in a self-contained classroom.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. Inclusion may be statistically better, but it isn’t better for every single disabled student.
I think there are good answers to these kinds of arguments, but I don’t see them being engaged as much as they should be.

Still, this TED Talk is a great start.

Via Olliebean.

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