Friday, September 13, 2013

"Failure Of Manners"

I was reading an blog post by Ta-Nehisi Coates and this sentence stopped me ...
"The myth of racism as a failure of manners is convenient because it conceals what lies at the heart of any system of exploitation--power."
It caught my attention because I liked the phrase, "failure of manners", and I think the point works as well for disability and ableism as it does for race and racism. Maybe better.

It seems like the dominant view of ableism is that it's mainly about people saying clumsy, inadvertently insulting things … a "failure of manners". However, the relatively small number of people who have thought more than superficially about disability prejudice and discrimination tend to think instead that they are tips of the iceberg. Underneath lies much more profound … profoundly wrong … assumptions and injustices.

Ableism surely is a failure of manners, but it is also much more. What more it is, is why we talk about it.

P.S.: The Coates article is worth reading for its own sake. His stuff usually is.

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